Countless pioneers Paved the way for Judo.

2019. All will unite in Tokyo. History will be made.

Honour,Respect,Dignity More than skills will be put to the test.

To the World’s Number 1 Judoka.

The way is IPPON.


Jigoro Kano

Jigoro Kano Jigoro Kano

The founder of Kodokan Judo, known as ‘The Father of Physical Education and Sports’ and ‘The Father of Judo.’ He was an renowned educator and a former Principal of the Tokyo Higher Normal School (currently University of Tsukuba). The first IOC member from Asia, he contributed greatly to Japan’s first participation in the Stockholm Olympic Games in 1912 as well as leading the successful bid for the 1940 Tokyo Olympic Games which was later cancelled due to World War Ⅱ.

Anton Geesink

Anton Geesink Anton Geesink

Judoka from the Netherlands who became the first non-Japanese World Champion. In the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, he overcame Akio Kaminaga in the finals to win the Gold in the open weight division, shocking the home nation of Japan. It is said that this historic Gold medal changed Judo to a true international sport.

Hitoshi Saito

Hitoshi Saito Hitoshi Saito

After winning the 1983 open-weight World Judo Championship, he went on to winning consecutive Olympic titles in the 95kg heavyweight division at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and 1988 Seoul Olympics. He later became an renowned coach, leading the Japan team to many Gold medals.

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Ingrid Berghmans

Ingrid Berghmans Ingrid Berghmans

A Belgian super star and pioneer of Women’s Judo. From the first Women’s World Judo Championships in 1980, she has won a total of six championships including four consecutive wins in the open-weight division. She also won gold in the 72kg division for the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

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Ryoko Tani

Ryoko Tani Ryoko Tani

Holds an outstanding record of seven times wins at the World Judo Championship, two consecutive wins at the Olympics, as well as achieving a total of five Olympic medals. From her ability and the character from a manga, she was called ‘Yawara-chan’ becoming the nation’s idol and giving massive attention to Judo.

Teddy Riner

Teddy Riner Teddy Riner

After winning the +100kg division of the 2007 World Judo Championship as the youngest athlete, he achieved an astounding eight consecutive golds at the World Judo Championship as well as two Olympic titles in 2012 London and 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Living legend from France.

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Hifumi Abe

Hifumi Abe Hifumi Abe

A new star in World Judo. Winner of the 2017 Budapest and 2018 Baku World Judo Championships. His exciting Judo style focuses on relentlessly going for Ippon. Abe is aiming for his third win in the World Judo Championships Tokyo 2019 and ultimately gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Daria Bilodid

Daria Bilodid Daria Bilodid

Judoka from Ukraine. She became World Champion in 2018 in the 48kg division at the age of 17, surpassing Ryoko Tani’s record making her the youngest ever World Champion. She also pursues a career in modelling.

Uta Abe

Uta Abe Uta Abe

Younger sister of Hifumi. She won her first World title in 2018 on the same day as her brother, a historical feat. Her target is the 2019 World Judo Championship and gold in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics along with her brother Hifumi.

Competition Information

World Judo Championship Tokyo 2019 presented by PARK24 GROUP 25/8/2019 - 1/9/2019 Nippon Budokan


SCHEDULE MEN FEMALE Preliminaries Final blocky August twenty fifth M-60kg F-48kg eleven o’clock am seven o’clock pm Opening ceremony six fifteen pm August twenty sixth M-66kg F-52kg ten o’clock am seven o’clock pm August twenty seventh M-73kg F-57kg ten o’clock am seven o’clock pm August twenty eighth M-81kg F-63kg eleven o’clock am seven o’clock pm August twenty ninth M-90kg F-70kg noon seven o’clock pm August thirtieth M-100kg F-78kg noon seven o’clock pm August thirty first M+100kg F+78kg one o’clock pm seven o’clock pm

*Start time to be confirmed

*Preliminaries : First Round ~ Quarter Final

*Final block : Repechage Final, Semi Final, Bronze Final, Final, Award

mixed teams

SCHEDULE Preliminaries Final blocky September first Mixed Team Competition one o’clock pm seven twenty pm

*Start time to be confirmed

*Preliminaries : First Round ~ Quarter Final, Repechage Final, Semi Final

*Final block : Bronze Final, Final, Award


① 1st Mat:Pool A/B
② 2nd Mat:Pool C/D


Tickets on sale from 13 April

[Pre-Ticket Sales]

12:00 13-April until 21-June


[General Ticket Sales]

10:00 22-June until 23:59
the day before the competition


  • *Times indicated are in JST=Japan Standard Time
  • *Ticket sales schedule subject to change
  • *Official ticket sales site, price and purchase methods will be announced on this site.

Ticket Price

Category Area Pre-sale 8-day pass
S Reserved seat B1 ¥12,000per ticket -
A Non-reserved seat 1F ¥8,000per ticket ¥57,000per person
B Non-reserved seat 2F(Lower) ¥4,500per ticket ¥32,000per person
C General Non-reserved seat 2F (Upper)
¥3,000per ticket -
U-22 Non-reserved seat ¥2,000per ticket -
U-16 Non-reserved seat ¥1,500per ticket -


Access to Nippon Budokan
5 min walk from Kudanshita Sta. (Hanzomon line, Tozai line or Toei Shinjuku line).
Please come by public transport (We have no parking space).
World Judo Championships Tokyo 2019 presented by PARK24 GROUP
2019.8.25 (Sun) ~9.1 (Sun) Nippon Budokan