One in the world JUDO IPPON PROJECT


The world’s Judokas will contribute photos of themselves in a Judogi.

We will then join these photos and make the World’s biggest Poster.

The poster will be displayed at the Nippon Budokan, the venue of the World Judo Championships Tokyo 2019.

All contributors will be included in the poster, uniting the World Judo Family.


What to Contribute

Standing picture of yourself in a Judogi

Period (Tenative)

2019.2.12 - 2019.5.31

How to Participate

1. Please take a photo of yourself in a Judogi, standing straight, if you can give consent for the handling of application photographs based on the application conditions and Terms of Service.
Participants should wear a white Judogi. As for men, please do not wear anything under the Judogi jacket.
2. If the person sending and the person taking the photograph differ, also secure consent for the handling of application photographs based on the application conditions and Terms of Service from the person taking the photograph.3. Follow the instructions on the website, and upload the photo.

Submitted photographs may be used for the following purposes

・Advertisements and general promotion of the WORLD JUDO CHAMPIONSHIPS TOKYO 2019 including Nippon Budokan and this Campaign site・Advertisements and general promotion including those on websites, mail news, and official social media accounts of sponsor corporations for the WORLD JUDO CHAMPIONSHIPS TOKYO 2019

Notes for contributing

Photos which do not meet the criteria may not be posted.

  • Take the photo vertically with your smartphone with the highest quality/resolution.
  • When importing the photo to your personal computer, choose the image to be 3024 × 4032px or higher.
  • Forms other than jpeg, jpg, png will not be posted.
  • If large numbers of applications are received and so on, it may not be possible to publish all submitted photographs. Your understanding in advance is requested.

How to take the Photo

  • Please wear judogi

  • Full body
    (from head to toe)

  • Standing straight with
    body facing the camera

  • Hands by your side